Whatever your requirements, we have the right mountainbike for you. Choose the category that suits you.

Our mountainbikes are divided into two price categories: BIO Front and BIO Full.

Details of the prices can be found in the following tables.


*) By half a day we mean the morning (from 8:30 am to 1 pm). A late return will be charged extra.

If you wish, you can reserve your desired bike online right here (recommended at weekends, on public vacations and during vacation periods).


*) without bike !!! (Minimum number of participants 5 persons)

By popular request, we also offer an insurance that covers any damage to the rented bike with a personal contribution of 10 euros.


*) per bike

Our service philosophy:
Our bikes are checked daily in our own service area and are ready and perfectly serviced every morning from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. For multi-day rentals, we can also carry out technical maintenance during the rental period on request, so that you can start fresh again in the morning (provided the bike is returned by 18:30).

If required, we can also carry out a free technical check on your own bike if you rent it for half a day or more.

We use tools and lubricants from WÜRTH and TUNAP in our service.