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3S-Bike – General Terms and Conditions

The user shall ensure that the mountain bikes and materials provided to him/her are handled carefully and with care. Damage caused by the user after the bike has been handed over must be compensated by the user.

If the bike is stolen, the current value of the bike will be charged.

Unused rental periods will not be refunded, late return of the bike will be charged according to the price lists.

The instructions and directions of the 3S-Bike team must be followed exactly.

The user declares that he/she is aware that cycling or mountain biking is a risky activity which places corresponding requirements and demands (physical and mental) on him/her.

The user is aware of the proper handling of the mountain bike and is solely responsible for selecting a suitable tour in accordance with their riding ability.

The mountain bike is handed over to the user in perfect condition.

Insurance against damage to the bike is available for an additional charge, see BIO and eRIDE price lists.

3S-Bike Cancellation conditions

Storno cost can be avoided with our optional Travel cancellation insurance.

Further details and explanations are available on request at the Bike Centre. Questions about the terms and conditions are always welcome.